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Miglustat Dipharma ist jetzt in der Schweiz erhältlich

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Dipharma SA
16 Februar 2021

Chiasso, Switzerland, February 16th, 2021 – Swiss-based Dipharma S.A. (“Dipharma”) today announced that its proprietary product Miglustat Dipharma 100 mg capsules is now available in Switzerland.

Miglustat Dipharma, a generic equivalent to Actelion’s (Johnson & Johnson) Zavesca®, is indicated for the oral treatment of adult patients with mild to moderate type 1 Gaucher Disease for whom enzyme replacement therapy is unsuitable, as well as for the treatment of progressive neurological manifestations in adult and paediatric patients with Niemann-Pick type C Disease.

Miglustat Dipharma is distributed in Switzerland by EffRx Pharmaceuticals SA, a company specialized in the commercialization of orphan drugs.

The agreement with EffRx Pharmaceuticals marks another milestone in Dipharma’s mission to offer improved solutions to patients suffering from inborn errors of metabolism, as well as providing physicians and payers with high quality therapeutic alternatives which can generate important cost savings for healthcare systems.

Miglustat Dipharma 100 mg capsules is currently also available in the main EU countries through a network of selected commercial partners.